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Skirts/DressesNew ZipZip Cost +£12.50
Skirts/DressesNew Zip (Concealed) FromZip Cost+ £15.00
Skirts/DressesShortened- Machine Stiched£15.00
Skirts/DressesShortened- Pleated*£20.00
Skirts/DressesShorten Fully Pleated*£35.00
Skirts/DressesTake In Side Seams From£15.00
Skirts/DressesTake In/Let Out Waist From£15.00
Skirts/DressesTake In Through Waist & Hem from£20.00
Skirts/DressesLet Out With Insertfrom £20.00
Skirts/DressesNew Waist Petersham£15.00
Skirts/DressesNew Waist Elastic£12.50
Skirts/DressesFull RelineLining Cost+ from£25.00
Shirts, & BlousesShortened from£12.50
Shirts, Dresses & BlousesSleeves Shortened from £10.50
Shirts, Dresses & BlousesTake In Side Seamsfrom £15.00
*- Add £4.00 With Lining