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TrousersNew ZipZip Cost+£12.50
TrousersNew Zip In Leather TrousersZip Cost+£25.00
JeansNew ZipZip Cost+ £12.00
TrousersNew Zip (Concealed) FromZip Cost +£15.00
TrousersReline-FullLining Cost+from£40.00
TrousersReline-Front OnlyLining Cost+£20.00
JeansTaper From£20.00
JeansTake In Waist From£15.00
JeansLet Out Seam From£15.00
TrousersShortened- Machine Stiched£12.00
TrousersShortened-Blind Hem£14.00
TrousersShortened With Turn-Ups*£15.00
TrousersShortened with Casings/Cuffs£15.00
TrousersLeather Trousers Shortened From£20.00
TrousersLenghtened Plain£15.000
TrousersLengthened With Turn-Ups£17.50
TrousersTaper From£15.00
TrousersTaper Dress Trousers With Braid£40.00
TrousersWaist Take In/Let Out From£12.50
TrousersStitched Front Creases£6.50
TrousersNew Pocket (1)£9.50
TrousersFull Machine Darn Of Seat£12.50
TrousersBelt Loops (Each)£3.00**
TrousersHook & Bar£3.50**
TrousersButtons Sewn On/Secured£1.00**
*- Add £1.00 With Tapes
**-A Minimum Charge of £5.50 on all Repairs

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